Whilst I’ve always been one to be critical of orthodoxy and custom, I have thus far taken a somewhat conventional path in the steering my life: university, internships, socials, and the like. However, I’ve never had the capacity to ignore a consistent sense of incompleteness, and have come to believe that many people share this often frustrating but somewhat liberating awareness, albeit at varying stages in their lives: that there must be more to life than simply graduating and spending the remainder of our short and unpredictable lives enslaved by and serving the system. And a corrupt system at that.

Whilst I am rightly uncertain of where the rest of my life will take me, I have come to one conclusion which I am sure of: that our lives were not gifted to us for the purposes of leisure, pleasure, and superficial ‘happiness’ that we relentlessly strive for, sometimes at incalculable costs. There is a deeper meaning and purpose waiting to be harnessed and internalised within the realm of every human soul. Life is, in every sense, a test. A test of humanity’s capacity for patience, compassion, and courage. It persistently seeks to pose a revolutionary challenge to every individual: are we willing to subjugate our own yearning for comfort, luxury, and the satiation of our desires for the sake of securing another’s welfare, for the Higher Good?

I set up this blog to impart my thoughts on current affairs, my thoughts on the world we inhabit as they evolve, and to share a few resources that I stumble upon that inspire me, that challenge me, and ultimately, that confirm the tenets that underpin our humble existence in this “game named life“.

– Yasmin Jamaludeen

  • Email: yasmin.jamaludeen@me.com

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