I’m sitting in this matrix trying to contemplate
Asking myself why there’s so much hate
Coz life, for me, seems to indicate
That people are out to intimidate
To subjugate, to obliterate
Just read history, no need for debate
Empire after empire merely imitate
The sad fate of how we blindly operate
With nothing spiritual to emulate, moral to obligate, loving to initiate
Just families to confiscate, and civilians to arrogate
They tell us of their alleged aims to mediate
To bring the world “peace” before it’s too late
Yet they fail to mention with whom they affiliate
Dictators who they’ll duly rotate, then assassinate
It’s as if they live to invigilate
Searching for divisions to exacerbate, and organisations to infiltrate
These are the ploys they coordinate
In the name of “democracy” they propagate
Still, some will claim I merely speculate
But the truth is out there for us to translate
If we would only be willing to investigate
Don’t let them feed lies they can’t substantiate
How can we defend the injustice they perpetuate?
Ruined my homeland from which I originate
And deemed me a marginal expatriate
See, that’s just what I can’t tolerate
So I’m not gonna follow the herd and spectate
No, never, coz my voice they’ll never suffocate
I’m a nightmare they’ll struggle to alienate
Set on this earth to justly authenticate
The merciless wrongdoings that they precipitate
And help the masses emancipate their bodies and souls to generate
A population that seeks to advocate
And navigate towards morality, let it penetrate 
Every department, every housemate
Leaving behind the criminals we incriminate
Coz it’s time they were forced to compensate
For every crime they had the nerve to calculate
The lands they depopulate, the weapons they proliferate
The banks they deregulate, the crises they orchestrate
The bodies they mutilate, the races they segregate
The classes they relegate, the bombs they detonate, the laws they violate
Now is no time to pettily negotiate
It’s time to stand up and freely articulate
Our dismay at the cruelties they administrate
Join me, help me decapitate
This beast we have allowed to indoctrinate
Our obsolete minds and manipulate
I dedicate the words that I enunciate
To every victim they deemed subordinate
Every free mind searching for an update
Coz truth be told, you’re a soulful inmate
Trapped in this brutal cage for your mind state
Take some time out to meditate, concentrate
Let your soul interrogate
Your mind, as you seek to liberate
The truth from the lies that oscillate
On the quest for spiritual dictate
It’s time to cooperate, it’s time to appreciate
It’s time to gravitate towards our common fate
And create a free-standing state
That will steadily resonate with immaculate trait
Welfare it must facilitate, liberty it must celebrate
Power it must vacate, and love it must propagate
So I won’t rest till that looming date
When we’ll be the ones screaming checkmate



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